Amanda Seyfried’s career-defining portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes praised

Amanda Seyfried is receiving high praise for what many are calling a career-defining performance in The Dropout.

The Mean Girls star has wowed fans with her portrayal of disgraced former tech billionaire Elizabeth Holmes in the highly anticipated Hulu series, which was released on Sunday.

The show follows the rise and fall of Holmes and her company Theranos ,with Seyfried nailing her impression of the ruthless ambition of the woman who was once the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.

In order to prepare for the role, Seyfried said she watched hours of Holmes’ depositions and interviews and studied her unique voice and mannerisms.

“Wow, Amanda Seyfried NAILS not just the Elizabeth Holmes voice but the mannerisms as well,” tweeted journalist Shannon O’Connor. “That Emmy statue is going to look wonderful in her hands.”

While another added: “From the first few minutes of #TheDropout, you can tell @AmandaSeyfried spent a TON of time working on getting Elizabeth Holmes’ mannerisms just right and it paid off. Damn.”

Robert Licuria from Gold Derby tweeted: “#TheDropout is so good, you guys. @AmandaSeyfried is so spot on as #ElizabethHolmes!”

While writer Carrie Wittmer added: “all i have to say is that Amanda Seyfried is so f****** good in The Dropout. an Emmy will melt when it touches her hands soon.”

“Amanda Seyfried in The Dropout is incredible. Incredible,” said author Elan Gale.

Journalist Nora Dominick tweeted: “amanda seyfried and #TheDropout have, dare i say, entered this year’s TV awards race. this show is so good.”

Tom Mendoza, a motivational speaker, tweeted: “I highly recommend The Dropout on Hulu. Amanda Seyfried is compelling as Elizabeth Holmes. Well written, excellent cast.”

Meanwhile, another viewer tweeted: “If @AmandaSeyfried doesn’t win some awards for this performance as Elizabeth Holmes I’m rioting. She’s incredible!”

Video game designer Cliff Bleszinski added: “Burning through Dropout and I cannot get over how good Amanda Seyfried is as Elizabeth Holmes. Give that woman an Emmy already.”

“I’m a mimic; I’m an actor. Obviously, I’m not her clone. I’m never going to be her clone,” Seyfried told Newsweek podcast host H. Alan Scott.

“The trick is always to get the audience to believe that you are her, like very soon into the show. And then they forget what she really looks like.”

The 36-year-old explained that while the experience was “hard” it was also “joyful.”

She said: “It was the kind of homework that I wish I had in high school. All of a sudden I became this eager college student, and it was really fun—not to take away how hard it was, and scary it was. But it was joyful at times.”

amanda seyfried the dropoutAmanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in “The Dropout.” The show comes to Hulu in March. Hulu

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