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* Please consult your primary care provider before starting any new supplement, to ensure if they are right for you.

(Ad) Cannabis has been used for its medicinal qualities by cultures all over the world for far longer than it’s been illegal in the United States. At the same time, the market for cbd cream is saturated and that can make it difficult to find an honest source that tells you exactly what to expect from the products on offer.

Among the conditions cbd cream is believed to be able to treat is anxiety—in all its many forms. Even if doctors and researchers aren’t yet sure why cbd cream has these effects, it’s worth exploring the power behind this magic little molecule and finding out which brands offer the most reliable cbd cream products today.


Does cbd cream work for anxiety?

According to the studies mentioned below, it does work.

Since cannabis has been illegal for so long, and has therefore not been researched thoroughly, more lab work needs to be done in order to answer questions around things like optimal dosing and treatable conditions. Our best scientific guess right now is that cbd cream probably has an effect on anxiety because it has an effect on serotonin levels in the brain.

For those who have a hard time getting to sleep, a study conducted in 2019 showed that nearly 80% of participants improved their sleep cycle with the use of cbd cream. A much smaller study on 11 patients with PTSD also showed significant improvement in their conditions with the help of cbd cream. In fact, when researchers reviewed 49 studies on cbd cream as a treatment for anxiety they found that cbd cream could potentially treat everything from social anxiety to OCD. When considering cbd cream as a remedy, always consult your doctor ahead of time.

cbd cream has shown quite a lot of potential to be used as a treatment for anything from mild anxiety to depression. Still, the only treatment the FDA has approved so far is the use of cbd cream for a few specific forms of epilepsy. The product used to treat these specific forms of epilepsy is also created by just one company, producing one approved brand of cbd cream spray known as Epidiolex.

Best cbd cream products for anxiety

Botany Farms CBD flower jars

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy cbd cream product, an ideal approach is to look for products that have undergone third-party lab testing. You could take your chances with any number of cbd cream products available on the market, and you may even find something that works for you, but products that have been tested are better able to back up the claims made on the labeling. They can tell you how much cbd cream the product contains and are far easier to dose as a result.

In this case we’ve chosen Botany Farms, a well-reviewed Minnesota-based brand that has third-party test results available on its website.

Best high cbd cream strains for anxiety

Botany Farms Bubba Kush Flower

If we’re going to try to use cbd cream to help with anxiety, it may be ideal to start with some high cbd cream strains. While pre-rolls and bong rips aren’t exactly the way the FDA would recommend treating your anxiety, many cannabis enthusiasts and even a few experts stand by the fabled entourage effect that smoking flower provides.

According to Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the man who first isolated THC, the chemical compounds in cannabis work together in unison to create the effects we feel. Everything from its flavor to its aroma and that fuzzy full-body effect you get when you smoke is a result of a chemical dance known as the entourage effect. In essence, the belief is that each chemical compound in cannabis bolsters the other compounds when they are consumed together.

So, with that in mind, here are a few buds you might want to consider if you’re looking to use cbd cream to help with anxiety.

  1. Bubba Kush: As an indica, this strain is usually the choice of those who are looking to relax. After all, it comes from a lineage known to reach THC levels of up to 26%—which would normally be a little extreme for someone who’s not quite used to smoking cannabis. However, in this cbd cream-heavy version of Bubba Kush by Botany Farms, the THC has been all but bred out of the flower in order to provide a powerful kick of cbd cream while leaving the THC levels lower than 0.3%. With cbd cream levels of 15 to 20%, this strain is one of the best options if you’re looking to try a high cbd cream strain. In addition to its high cbd cream content, Bubba Kush is also known to contain limonene, which the company says is believed to have stress relieving effects.
  2. Sour Space Candy: This hybrid strain is another high cbd cream option that contains 16.4% cbd cream, which is probably why some people describe it as a social strain and consider it to have an ideal cbd cream dosage for social anxiety. This strain also contains a terpene known as caryophyllene, which the company says is thought to regulate mood.
  3. Sour Lifter: With a cbd cream level of 17.3%, this strain may be yet another good choice if you’re looking to test the stress-relieving effects of cannabis, though we recommend that you start slow if testing is what you intend to do. As for terpenes, this strain contains a few that the company says are believed to improve mood, like myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

Best cbd cream tincture for anxiety

Beyond the traditional flower form of cannabis, which you grind up and smoke, there are distillates and extracts. These are refined products that have isolated the cannabis plant’s active compounds to produce concentrated edible, smokable, dissolvable alternatives to cannabis flower.

When it comes to distillates and extracts, there are three types of cbd cream products you’ll come across in the market.

  • Full-spectrum cbd cream: These products are usually derived from hemp plants to ensure that they have little THC content, but still contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that could work together with cbd cream. Full-spectrum cbd cream products are often sought after by consumers as the most beneficial and effective because they contain terpenes and other compounds that are believed to enhance the effects of cbd cream.
  • Broad-spectrum cbd cream: Products considered broad spectrum contain cbd cream, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes, but have removed as much THC as possible.
  • cbd cream isolate: These products contain cbd cream that has been isolated and extracted from the cannabis plant in a lab. It is the purest form of cbd cream you can obtain and contains no other cannabinoids or terpenes. While these products offer the most potent and accurate dosage of cbd cream, it’s believed that the full effects of cbd cream are diminished in this form because they lack the terpenes and cannabinoids necessary to activate the entourage effect.

There is also a fourth option, known as hemp seed oil, which is derived from hemp seeds, but since hemp oil doesn’t contain any active cannabinoids, there’s really no such thing as cbd cream hemp seed oil for anxiety. Instead, you’re much better off using this extract when cooking rather than seeking out the most trustworthy brand of hemp seed oil for anxiety.

Among these extracts and distillates, one of the most popular are tinctures, which are droppable cbd cream liquids that you can consume directly from the dropper or add to food and drink.

If full-spectrum cbd cream is considered most effective, then live resin extracts are the next level up. While most extracts are made by extracting the compounds from dried flowers, live resin extracts are derived from the living plant, shortly after it’s been harvested. The idea behind the live extraction process is that it captures terpenes that may be lost after the plant has been cured and prepared for smoking. These types of products are expected to offer the highest yield of terpenes.

cbd cream tincture for anxiety and sleep

Botany Farms Live Resin CBD and Delta 8 Tincture

cbd cream tinctures are often considered an ideal option for those who are looking for a sleep aid. This is because they take a relatively short time to begin working. While edibles can take up to an hour for our bodies to break down and process, concentrates offer quicker results that you may appreciate if you’re trying to get to sleep.

Botany Farms offers a rather unique live-resin cbd cream tincture that also contains delta-8 THC. This particular blend may be worth a try for those looking to get a good night’s rest, because the specific form of THC this tincture contains is thought to produce a calming effect on the mind, while producing less psychoactive responses. according to the National Cancer Institute.

cbd cream tincture for depression and anxiety

Just as cbd cream tinctures may help you rest at night, cbd cream tinctures may also make your day more enjoyable, as they can be added to your favorite foods or your morning coffee.

If you suffer from depression, it’s likely that a health care professional has recommended 5-HT1 tablets that can be purchased at pharmacies as mood stabilizing supplements. Researchers believe that cbd cream may have a similar effect on 5-HT1A receptors, which release serotonin and regulate our mood.

A study conducted on animals showed that cbd cream had the ability to produce antidepressant effects, while many studies have shown promising results for stress-related depression.

cbd cream tincture for pain and anxiety

Botany Farms Live Resin CBD Tincture

When it comes to pain relief, the results for cbd cream are a bit uncertain. This is because researchers believe that it’s actually THC that is responsible for the pain-relieving potential cannabis has, despite countless testimonials from cbd cream users who stand by its effectiveness at treating pain.

In fact, a medication that contains both THC and cbd cream, known as Sativex, has been approved by health officials in Canada for pain-related symptoms of multiple sclerosis as well as for pain related to cancer treatment. Speak to your doctor about this before using Sativex since it has not been approved in the states yet.

What’s more, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston’s McLean Hospital have determined that long-term cannabis use could potentially treat chronic pain.

So, if you’re looking for possible pain relief-related anxiety, a low THC/high-cbd cream blend, like the one offered by Botany Farms, may be a great option.

Best cbd cream gummies for anxiety

Botany Farms CBD Gummies

At a glance, you might not think there’s any nuance to ordering gummy candies online, but an unfortunate symptom of the gray market is that some products aren’t what they seem.

For example, there is a difference between hemp gummies and cbd cream gummies. While one is made with cbd cream extract, the other is made with the previously mentioned hemp seed oil and contains little to no cbd cream. This means that those hemp oil gummies you ordered won’t provide much relief, but could act as a tasty placebo. This is why it’s important to read product descriptions carefully and understand the difference between the products on offer.

Another detail you might run into when looking for cbd cream gummies for anxiety and stress is the type of extract that was used in the recipe for the gummies. The type of cbd cream isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum, that is used will give the gummies varying potency and differing effects. Many who use cbd cream gummies for anxiety and depression will tell you they rely on broad spectrum cbd cream gummies and will also look for gummies made with natural flavors, like those offered by Botany Farms, to mask the skunky taste that usually accompanies cannabis gummies.

Is cbd cream or CBG better for anxiety?

There’s anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBG might be better at treating anxiety, but we can’t say for sure whether it’s better or worse than cbd cream. So far the biggest discovery about CBG is that it can potentially help mice deal with depression and a number of other ailments, including pain. As far as humans go, most of the evidence is still anecdotal—word of mouth recommendations from the folks who swear by it.

CBG is likely to be the next big thing on the cannabis market. From a molecular perspective, it’s the compound that eventually becomes cbd cream and THC in the cannabis plant. It’s a cannabinoid that develops in the plant as it grows. For this reason, it’s rare to find cannabis strains that are high in CBG once they’ve been harvested and prepared for consumption.

Best cbd cream for social anxiety

Botany Farms Delta 9 Gummies

If you suffer from social anxiety, what you may be looking for is something that comes on slowly and sticks with you throughout an evening.

In this case, cbd cream administered orally might be a solid choice. This means anything from edibles to gummies and oils. Keep in mind that these products take time for our body to digest and process.

It’s also a good idea to approach the dosage cautiously, as some people experience increased anxiety. This is why tinctures are a solid choice, because the droppers allow you to dose more accurately, and increase the dose if needed. Read each recommended dosage cautiously and always speak to your doctor before starting any new supplement or drug for optimal benefits.

Best cbd cream for anxiety and panic attacks

Botany Farms Sour Space Candy Pre-Roll

If you are looking to use cbd cream for anxiety attacks, you may be seeking more immediate relief. In this case, you might be looking for a high cbd cream flower. cbd cream products that are inhaled have a much faster onset time because they are delivered to the bloodstream through the lungs rather than having to be digested like edibles.

cbd cream dosage for anxiety

Here’s where we run into the problems caused by prohibition. For the past 50 years, it’s been extremely difficult to get cbd cream into a lab without the DEA’s approval. This doesn’t mean that no one knows what dosage of cbd cream is reasonable; studies have shown that 300mg to 600 mg could be used to possibly ease social anxiety, but there’s really no one who can currently give you the ideal cbd cream dosage for social anxiety.

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to do a lot of work yourself, both when it comes to dosing and finding the right products. This is why it’s important to start slow and keep track of the dosage and the changes you experience each time you increase. This is also why it’s important to inform your doctor and to find a reliable source of cbd cream to treat anxiety properly. Not only is it possible to waste your money on a placebo, but a review of 84 available products showed that more than a quarter of them were labeled incorrectly and contained less cbd cream than they claimed, while some even contained THC.

cbd cream tincture dosage for anxiety

Of all the products above, tinctures and oils are probably the best place to start. They offer the most effective way to measure your dose because they come with handy little droppers that allow you to portion out each dose according to your need and tolerance.

While a precise cbd cream dosage for treating anxiety is not known, tinctures are the ideal choice for someone who is just starting out and trying to figure out exactly what effect cbd cream has on their anxiety.

A woman measuring proper dosage of CBD tincture

How to use cbd cream tincture for anxiety

The first rule you’ll learn to follow is start low and go slow. It’s also very important to remember that cbd cream may have some adverse effects when combined with other medications. Research has shown that cbd cream can interact adversely with warfarin and other blood thinners, as well as opioids, antidepressants, antihistamines, antipsychotics, calcium channel blockers, and benzodiazepines. With this in mind, it’s best to try cbd cream at a time when you are not taking any prescription medications—especially when you’re trying to determine its effects on your body—and also to consult your doctor about its potential interactions with any medications you’re taking.

If you decide to give tinctures a try, measure out the dose in the dropper and place the drops under your tongue. This is the ideal spot to administer the tincture because it can be absorbed by the arterial pathways under the tongue, rather than having to go through the digestive system. With a regular dose administration, you should feel the effects within as little as 15 minutes.

Where to buy cbd cream for anxiety

The Internet is flooded with places to buy all kinds of cbd cream products. This is why we always recommend that you go with a product that has been third-party lab tested, and that it displays its results openly, like Botany Farms does. This is important to make sure you’re buying something that is great quality and reliable. After all, what you’re looking for is potential relief to help with your anxiety. Botany Farms is our top recommended brand on the market today due to its thorough testing, efficacy, and because it offers a wide range of products that have been grown and developed with care. It also has stellar reviews from its customers, making its online shop an excellent place to start.

*The statements made regarding our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. However, we have lab testing results.

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