cbd gummies Oil Can Cause Insomnia in Some People

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I figured out what has caused my insomnia to be permanent.

I was taking cbd gummies oil that was recommended to me for allergies.

Not for anxiety I wasn’t really having that bad of anxiety and could handle myself well.

I took it for about 7 months.

Everything was good to start.

But then I would get a funny feeling in my head and panic then I started getting crazy panic attacks.

Didn’t even cross my mind that it could be the oil.

I started having terrible insomnia but ignored it.

Started taking Flonase for a few months and that’s when I eventually stopped sleeping.

That went off and on for a while not sleeping/sleeping between going to my parents and staying at my place.

Have dreams sometimes but am awake at the same time.

I know it was the cbd gummies oil and wish I could turn back time where I never picked up the stuff because before my health was fine.

I had started slowly but took up to 3 dropper fulls daily sometimes an additional half a dropper in between.

Now I hardly eat and am depressed from not sleeping.

Does anyone know of this happening?

Is there any way of erasing the damage from cbd gummies oil?

I feel awful like I’m dying!!!

It has been 2 1/2 months already.

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