hempflowers – DELTA-8 THC: the good, the bad, and the ugly… LAY IT ON ME! (pretty please)

Howdy folks! I’m brand new to this sub and, after perusing a bunch of posts and reading about how much people are loving the Δ-8 extracts made by various vendors, I’m super duper curious about how it would treat me! In general, I’m wondering how the subjective negative effects of Δ-8 THC compares to those of Δ-9 THC. (like my deltas? I installed a Greek keyboard on my phone, gotta put that bad boy to use! ) I’ve read some anecdotes/experiences here and in r/delta8, there’s not a whole bunch just yet, (yeah I know, that’s how it’s still legal–I get it) and like 99% say “no anxiety!”… but I hope to qualify the responses by describing my personal sitch, and politely ask for recommendations based on that. So here we go! [hey, thanks in advance for bearing with me… I am one wordy motherfucker! ]

A sad and unfortunate fact about yours truly: after years of enjoying full-on stonerdom, (even growing back in the day, up in the BC wilderness) something switched in my brain around when I turned 30, when I had a lil trouble with the dang ol law and had to stop for a while. When I tried to come back to Miss MaryJane (and ever since), smoking is like playing Russian roulette with my psychological well-being: I’ll really enjoy being stoned, say, 5 times in a row, but the 6th time (for no apparent reason whatsoever) hoo boy, it’s a brutal rollercoaster ride in hell: I’ll basically be managing a near-panic attack the entire time, unable to control my racing thoughts or to hold a normal conversation–all I can do is focus on breathing and staying calm, reminding myself that the horrible feeling is temporary and I desperately wait for the weed to wear off so I can feel sane again. So yeah, all this is to make it crystal clear that I’m not talking about “paranoia”, I’m talking severe anxiety. This badness seems to randomly happen, despite my environment/mood, the form (eating/vaping/smoking; flower, distillate, etc), or the strain–though I gotta say that indica extracts seemed a little more kind, back when I still occasionally smoked and willingly took the chance for all this to happen…

No longer though, I’ve gotten older and wiser (I sincerely hope, anyway ) and it’s simply not worth the risk anymore. But, at the same time, I can really enjoy the effects of a nice indica, in the right environment… and I have a ton of chronic (actually sub-acute) pain that it helps with, to boot. So for that I’m on the cbd gummies tip now, and, for all its limitations, it does help… but I wish it did a little more for me, and I’m super hopeful that Δ-8 can be that lovely happy medium for me!

Hopefully there’s someone with a relationship/history with cannabis somewhat like mine out there, reading this… Hey you, wannabe stoner! Hi. Do you miss the good stuff about weed? I sure do. So…

  • Have you ever had to manage similar anxiety after partaking in Δ-8? Or any issues with headspace? How would you describe it? Did anything help (ie taking more cbd gummies or CBG)?

  • Can anyone recommend a combo and/or ratio of cbd gummies flower and Δ-8 distillate? Any specific strains that do particularly well with it?

  • Are there some Δ-8 products (maybe derived from an indica-type hemp strain or something) that you think are more pleasant in terms of headspace?

I know this is one long-ass post (I told you I was wordy! ) & a bunch of questions at once, but y’all seem like such a great community, I’m just gonna throw em all out there! Thanks again, everybuddy!


(btw please feel free to hmu via Reddit messenger, if you got vendor recommendations or what have you, and feel that the private mode is best!)

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