Here’s The Skinny On Delta-8 For Dieters

Fact #1: Almost 75% of US adults are overweight, with about 43% having obesity.(1)

Fact #2: Dieting stinks. Even with the best intentions, mindset, tools, techniques, and guidance — it can be freakin’ hard!

Fact #3: There’s gotta be a way to help trim the overweight problem and the dieting challenges.

Perhaps that’s why anything that can safely and effectively make the dieter’s drudge easier is getting pulled into the spotlight. Delta-8-THC may be one of these diet aids experiencing its debut to center stage.

But, what’s the deal with D8 and dieting? Does it rightly deserve the nickname “diet weed” for more than its scaled back high? Keep reading to learn a phat lot about delta-8’s possible role in and impact on your diet efforts.

Delta-8-THC In A Nutshell

D8 is a cannabinoid that, while found in nature, is usually produced by a manufacturer for commercial use. Typically, delta-8 is derived from cbd gummies extracted from industrial hemp that has no more than 0.3% THC, which is what allows it to be legally sold in the US.

While related to THC (i.e., delta-9-THC, aka “regular” THC), D8 is a difference substance with its own properties. Delta-8 also has attributes similar to cbd gummies. Many describe delta-8-THC’s effects as being a hybrid of both THC and cbd gummies.

D8 Benefits

This cannabinoid has tons of potential benefits, the most acclaimed is its ability to give you a smooth, mellow high free of bothersome side effects common to THC. Here are some other ways delta-8 may be a boon to your overall health and well-being:

  • Ease anxiety
  • Produce a calm vitality
  • Help with focus
  • Elevate mood
  • Heighten creativity
  • Support sleep
  • Relieve pain
  • Prevent or counteract various eye diseases(2)
  • Protect or improve brain function(3)
  • Shrink tumors(4)
  • Reduce nausea and vomiting(5)
  • Increase appetite(6)

This is just a surface scratch of what delat-8-THS is and why it’s pure awesomeness. If this 30K-foot overview is too in-the-clouds for you, check out our past called Delta-8-THC: What It Is, Where It Comes From, How It Differs From cbd gummies & Delta-9-THC for a 3-foot close-up view.

Endocannabinoid System (ECS), Cannabinoids & Weight

Your ECS is a network of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors throughout your body. It’s through this system that cannabinoids — like delta-8 — work to generate the various effects and outcomes associated with these compounds.

The ECS’s CB1 and CB2 receptors are both involved in weight management. It’s believed that cannabinoids activate, block, or alter the signals these receptors are dispatching to the brain and body. It’s in this way that cannabinoids are able to influence metabolism, appetite, obesity risk, etc.(7)

Delta-8 For Dieting

Because hemp and marijuana were both controlled-substances until quite recently, the research on delta-8-THC and aspect of weight management are pretty thin. Researchers simply weren’t able to do large-scale studies. And the studies they did were difficult to organize and execute due to the regulatory constraints.

That said, there are some studies we can look to for science-backed info. And, of course, now that the cannabis floodgates are opening, lots of new clinical trials and other research are underway. (So it behooves you to periodically check for new findings!)

D8 & Appetite

This is a funny one. Some people report increased appetite while others say they had less or unchanged appetite. So what’s going on here and what do studies show?

Research indicates that D8 may be both an appetite stimulant and an appetite suppressant. Based on the amount consumed. In very low quantities, it’s likely to spur the hungries even more than THC. However, because of the way deltat-8 hobnobs with your ECS, larger doses could actually shut down the munchie-inducing tendency of THC by blocking CB1 receptor activation.(8)

Delta-8-THC, Metabolism & Body Composition

We know from studies and surveys that the body mass index of cannabis users tends to be lower than that of non-cannabis-users.(9) Other research theorizes that the cannabis is downregulating the CB1 receptor, which then inhibits fat storage, amps the metabolism, recalibrates the omega-6 and -3 ratios, and drops the BMI.(10) So, this all conspires to help you lose fat weight (not muscle).

D8 & The Gut-Brain Connection

So, first, the gut-brain connection is real and quite impactful on or involved with many dimensions of physical and mental health.

Given this, it may not surprise you to know that dieting is a body and mind affair.

One animal study found that delta-8 consumption led to improved cognitive function in mice.(6) Interestingly, it also helped increase food consumption while reducing overall weight. This caused the researchers to note delta-8-THC’s potential to treat weight disorders. This means that D8 might have the potential to impact both the physiological and cognitive aspects of weight loss.

D8 & Exercise

Current wisdom indicates that weight management is 70% what you’re eating/drinking and 30% how much you’re movin’ your bod. Exercise is a significant lever to push and pull on as you diet.

Luckily, delta-8-THC could make physical activity easier or more effective. It might also facilitate workout recovery. And if you’re getting more out of your gym sesh and it’s taking less out of you — that’s a win. Fitness enthusiasts and wannabe enthusiasts rejoice!

There isn’t much scientific evidence related to D8 and exercise specifically. But, the concept is that delta-8 is giving you a big assist by ratcheting up your energy, alleviating pain and inflammation, helping you get into the zone. And there’s plenty of anecdotal accounts of delta-8-THC’s ability to enhance exercise. (Seriously, have you strolled through Reddit’s “delta8” feed?)

Other Cannabic Collaborators

When you consume delta-8, you may also be getting some of the other weight management benefits associated with other aspect of cannabis. Meaning that your diet might be getting an added boost from the healthful properties of hemp or THC. It depends on the D8 formulation you’re consuming, but this is good info to at least tuck away in your brain.

The Hemp Factor

Delta-8-THC products that include hemp seed oil, hemp seeds, or hemp protein, may provide hempful assistance with your dieting endeavors. Depending upon the form of hemp, it could help with weight loss by doing things like:

  • Bumping up your lean protein and fiber intake
  • Controlling appetite
  • Boosting energy
  • Building muscle(11)
  • Regulating metabolism(12)

As a bonus, hemp is incredibly nutritious. And good nutrition is essential to sensible weight loss.(13)

cbd gummies For (Lbs) Losers

If your D8 dose contains some cbd gummies, you could be doubling down on your downsizing helpers. Because cbd gummies also has a rep for promoting weight loss. Experts suggest that, by engaging with the body’s ECS, cbd gummies may aid in dropping pounds in several ways including:

  • Producing obesity-fighting effects(14)
  • Staunching appetite
  • Converting (bad) white fat into (healthier, calorie-torching) brown fat(15)
  • Enabling you to be more active by easing pain, inflammation, and stress

The Role of THC

Contrary to what you might think, the THC aspect could be playing in your favor. It’s not totally clear why, but several studies seem to link THC use with outcomes such as: (16, 17, 18)

  • Weight loss
  • Lower body mass indexes
  • Lower rates of obesity
  • Lower rates of metabolic syndrome (a collection of issues that lead to conditions like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease)
  • Improved gut biome
  • Slash pain, inflammation, and stress to facilitate greater physical activity

This is particularly interesting because all this magic is happening while still nudging THC consumers to consume more calories. So, lesson here is that THC doesn’t always mean munchies and that munchies don’t always mean diet doom.

How To Lose Weight With Delta 8

We always advise people to check in with their doctors prior to trying cbd gummies for a highly-specific health result. Your care team is trained to offer the best recommendations for your particular case. As your personal wellness guide, your doc can suggest the most appropriate-for-you delta-8 product formulations, dosing, schedule, etc. It’s also a great way to ensure that you don’t have any contraindications or drug interactions to worry about.

The Best D8 For Weight Loss

Regardless of what kind of delta-8-THC you decide on, always choose the highest-quality products you can wrap your hands around. The better the D8, the less you have to worry about junk like pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants lurking in your delta-8 gummies, ya know?

So, you’ll want to get items made with D8 derived from cbd gummies that was extracted from organic American industrial hemp. (Though, you may find other acceptable delta-8 products via a medical cannabis program, but that’s a different story.)

Be sure to buy from reputable sellers who have their products tested by an independent third-party lab and make certificates of analysis (COA) available to you.

Legal Notice: Delta-8-THC

Just to be clear, delta-8 is federally legal. But local jurisdictions may have other rules — as of October 2021, 18 states restrict or ban D8.(19) As the regulatory footing is shifting, we recommend making sure delta-8 is legal in your area before purchasing it.

Tipping The Scales: Lose W8 With D8

Yes, in a whole slew of ways, delta-8-THC might help with your diet. It could have beneficial impacts on appetite, fat burning, metabolism, gut bacterial, energy levels, and so on — all dimensions of dieting that can be oh-so-tough to handle without some assistance.

If you’re interested in trying D8 to trim down, check in with your doctor for advice tailored to your needs. And always use the very best delta-8 products available — ones made from organic US hemp-derived cbd gummies.



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