Hhemp.co Expands Cannabinoid Lineup With THC-O, CBGa And cbd creama Products

Hhemp.co, a California-based cbd cream:CBG product manufacturing and distribution company, is elevating its line of products by introducing cannabinoids THC-O, CBGa and cbd creama.

The expansion of Hhemp.co’s line-up aligns with recently published research concerning the impacts of CBGa and cbd creama on COVID-19. The aforementioned study found that inactivated cannabinoids CBGa and cbd creama binded to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, preventing a crucial step in the COVID-19 infection process. Hhemp.co helped facilitate extraction for the company that supplied Oregon State University (OSU) with the cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) and cannabidiolic acid (cbd creama) active oil used in the research.

Now, it is collaborating with researchers to launch the development of targeted cbd creama and CBGa capsules, beverages and tinctures, guided by the examined doses. Hhemp.co is partnering with the extraction company that provided CBGa and cbd creama to OSU in order to develop a safe and effective consumer dose of the cannabinoids. The CBGa and cbd creama products will be lab-tested, direct sourced, consumer products, led by a compound pharmacist and produced in an FDA-registered facility.

Alongside the development of CBGa and cbd creama products, Hhemp.co is also releasing a brand new THC-O product line. THC-O is a psychoactive hemp-derived cannabinoid that produces similar effects to cannabis use. However, THC-O might offer higher potency than its counterparts, including delta-9 THC.
THC-O has an attached acetate group that facilitates its ability to cross lipid-sensitive layers in the digestive tract and brain, potentially amplifying the molecule’s capabilities. User reports about THC-O suggest it might offer similar results to other THC forms. With the addition of THC-O, Hhemp.co will offer a few unique forms of the cannabinoid, including THC-O pre-rolls, flower and moonrocks.

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