How Spencer Brown is helping 2022 prospect Trevor Penning navigate the NFL Draft process

INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – Players from FBS schools dominate the NFL Scouting Combine compared to those from FCS schools, but that doesn’t mean FCS talent is nowhere to be found. If NFL scouts see potential in a player that will translate to the NFL, that player will get an opportunity to prove at the next level. For example, the Bills drafted FCS product Spencer Brown out of University of Northern Iowa in last year’s draft because they couldn’t live without his size, length and toughness. Brown started 12 games, including the playoffs, for Buffalo as a rookie.

Brown’s former college teammate Trevor Penning is gaining attention at this year’s NFL combine for traits similar to that of Brown. Penning is 6’7, 330 pounds, has 34 ¾” arms and 10 ¼” hands. Brown had the same arm and hand length as Penning but was one inch taller and weighed in about 20 pounds lighter ahead of the NFL Draft.

As Penning talked to local media on the podium in Indianapolis on Thursday morning, he couldn’t help but sing Brown’s praises for his help along the way.

“Spencer has been big for me, listening to a guy that was literally here like one year ago,” Penning said. “He knows what’s going on. He knows what to expect. Just hearing him and the process, how it went for him, how it’s helped me, it’s been great.

“He’s been really good to me for just helping me out along the way.”

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