Recap: Kiwi Adam Hall wins bronze in Super Combined event at 2022 Paralympics in Beijing

Well done to the Kiwis in Beijing. Gold, silver and now bronze.

Even though Aaron Ewen didn’t complete the slalom in the sitting event (DNF), this has been another memorable day for New Zealand. The bronze won by Adam Hall can be added to the gold and silver medals won by Corey Peters at the weekend.

9:14pm: So that is that for the day as far as the Kiwis are concerned. We have a bronze to add to the collection after Adam Hall fair sizzled down the course in the slalom during the Super Combined (standing) event.

Aaron Ewen appeared to catch a slalom pole with the tip of his ski as he made his way down the slalom and unfortunately that meant he spun out of control and didn’t complete the slalom. A tough way for the young man to end his day.

9:11pm: Bad news. Aaron Ewen will record a DNF and will be out of the medal hunt.

9.09pm: Here comes New Zealander Aaron Ewen. Remember he finished 10th after the first leg in the Super G. Good luck to him in the slalom.

9:08pm: We have a new leader in Li from China. New Zealand’s Aaron Ewen is due to compete in a couple of minutes.

New Zealand’s Adam Hall won a bronze in the Super Combined event. He is pictured in the slalom.

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

New Zealand’s Adam Hall won a bronze in the Super Combined event. He is pictured in the slalom.

Aaron Ewen is in his first Paralympics … and he will have watched the latest DNF (Gong from China) with more than a touch of interest. Because it is a stark warning of how important it is to stay on the ski in this event. Gong is okay, thankfully.

9:02pm: Ewen has to beat the time set by Han from South Korea if he is to win gold. That time is: 2.07.08

Kiwi Aaron Ewen, who finished 10th in the first leg (the Super G) should be in action in a couple of minutes. He will be the ninth out of the starting gate.

9pm: Now we turn our attention to the next event involving New Zealander Aaron Ewen. He is in the Super Combined (sitting) event.

Hall raised his arms to celebrate the win on the medal podium on the course. An excellent result for the Kiwi and the team.

New Zealander Adam Hall produced a remarkable run in the slalom to shoot up from 15th to third. Well done to the Kiwi. That is New Zealand’s third medal at these Games in Beijing.


8:53pm: Bauchet wins gold!

ADAM HALL HAS WON A MEDAL. He can’t be overtaken.

8:52pm: A superfast run by Kiiveri of Finland has resulted in Hall losing top position.

8:50pm: Just three skiers left now. New Zealand’s Adam Hall is on the cusp of winning a medal in the Super Combined (standing).

8.49pm: There are just four competitors left now … Hall is looking good for a medal.

8:47pm: And another DNF. Which is good for Hall, who has an advantage of about 2.3sec ahead of the second placed competitor.

8:45pm: There are just seven skiers left to go down the slope. Adam Hall is in a great position to win a medal. He remains at the top of the leaderboard.

8:44pm: Adam Hall is still at the top of the leaderboard. He is definitely in with a chance of winning a medal at this rate.

8:41pm: There are 10 competitors to come down the slope. Hall’s time in the slalom is still the quickest.

Remember, of course, that the times will be combined. Earlier today the skiers completed the Super G leg of the event. So Hall will have to wait to see how the rest of the field finishes, and with the fastest men yet to come.

Great run by Adam Hall! He has recorded the fastest time – 1.54.78 – so far.

8:36pm: New Zealander Adam Hall is on his way in the slalom of the Super Combined standing.

8:35pm: By our calculations, given the way the skiers are blasting down the slope, Adam Hall will be in action in a few minutes.

8:33pm: Keefe of the USA has the fastest time so far – 2.01.74 is the time to beat.

8:31pm: The slalom is proving really treacherous for the skiers in this event, the Super Combined (standing). We will need our man Adam Hall to remain vigilant if he is to be in the medal hunt.

8:30pm: Another DNF recorded, which is three already by our count. At this rate Adam Hall will be in action in about six or seven minutes time.

8:30pm: Here is an interesting snippet provided by the folks at Paralympics NZ: In any two run events they race the second run in reverse order (called ‘the flip’) with slowest first and fastest last.

8:27pm: The course is already proving tricky, with the first two skiers recording DNFs. Kiwi Adam Hall will be the 16th man down the track.

8:26pm: This event will see New Zealander Adam Hall chasing a medal.

8:22pm: At last, the men’s Super Combined standing event has started. Remembering, of course, that several hours ago the Super G was staged this morning. This is the slalom event, with times from both races combined to determine the medal winners.

7:15pm: Firstly, though, we have the women’s downhill vision impaired events to get through. So we need to wait a wee bit longer before seeing the Kiwi men get a chance to win a medal.

Adam Hall is placed 15th in the standing event, and Aaron Ewen is 10th in the sitting event. Looks like a lovely day in Beijing, which has been causing the snow to melt quicker than many would like. It is 4degC.

7:10pm: Looks like we finally might have some more action in the Super Combined, with Kiwis Adam Hall (standing) and Aaron Ewen (sitting), to complete the slalom which is the second leg after skiiing in the Super G earlier in the day.

6:30pm: At last an update. The New Zealanders will be back in action at 7.10pm.

5:21pm: Oh no we won’t. Not yet anyway. There is a snowboarding event on. So we will wait for the Kiwis events.

So, now we will return to the second and final leg of the Super Combined event (standing). This will involve New Zealander Adam Hall, who was placed 15th after the first leg.

5:13pm: That is the end of the first leg of the Super Combined. New Zealander Aaron Ewen currently sits in 10th place.

5:09pm: That was a dynamite run from Morii of Japan – at 1.10.79, he almost overtook the best time set by Pedersen. Which means Kiwi Aaron Ewen will be shunted down the leaderboard, but he still should be inside the top 10.

5:07pm: Just four competitors left in the first leg (Super G) of the Super Combined. Then we are expected to return to the Super Combined standing event.

5:04pm: The results on the official site are being logged at a painfully slow rate, so all we can tell you at this point is that Kiwi Aaron Ewen is placed sixth.

Don’t forget that New Zealander Adam Hall (standing) will be back in action to complete his Super Combined, too. They are really rushing through the starting gate, in Beijing. Six more competitors remain in the first leg (Super G) if the sitting category.

Aaron Ewen of New Zealand pictured training in Beijing last week.

Yifan Ding/Getty Images

Aaron Ewen of New Zealand pictured training in Beijing last week.

There are about nine competitors left in this leg of the sitting Super Combined. Another three have recorded DNFs. And there is another one. Didn’t look great. Hopefully the skier is okay – Fujiwara of Japan came a real cropper there.

4:59pm: New Zealander Aaron Ewen is competing in his first Paralympics and to be placed sixth, so far, is a very respectable effort. Yesterday he finished inside the top 10 in the Super G, so he should be satisifed with his efforts to date. Remember this is just the first leg of the Super Combined.

4:54pm: That was a pretty good run for Aaron Ewen. He recorded a time of 1.16.27 to be placed sixth, so far. And he looked pretty stoked when he saw that time. Remember the best time was set by Pedersen of Norway (1.10.29).

4:52pm: New Zealander Aaron Ewen had begun his first run of the Super Combined.

Remember the time to beat is 1.10.29, as recorded by Norway’s Pedersen in the first run.

4:50pm: Han from South Korea is now waiting to get clearance for his run, and then we will finally have Kiwi Aaron Ewen getting a crack.

4:50pm: Okay, just three more competitors need to get through their work and we will have New Zealander Aaron Ewen in action. Plantey from Argentina is currently skiiing down the course, but appears to have come unstuck, and slid out.

4:43pm: Silvestro of Italy can’t control his ski and has spun out. These guys get up to speeds of about 100kph, which is quite a speed given the skiers are so close to the slopes.

4:40pm: Pedersen of Norway has set the tone with a time of 1.10.29 in the first run in the sitting event. New Zealander Aaron Ewen is 12th off the grid. Which is about 10 minutes away.

Thirty of the 36 competitors completed the first leg of the standing event. Which shows how gnarly this course can be. That is bad luck for those six who spun out. Now for the Super Combined sitting event.

4:36pm: Confirmed – Adam Hall is currently paced 15th with the next and final leg to come. Meanwhile, we now switch to the sitting event with New Zealander Aaron Ewen in action.

4:30pm: In case you were wondering … The gate placement for the Super G may be slightly different but it is the same slope as yesterday’s Super G. Meanwhile, the slalom run will be on a completely new course. It looks like they have done that because the course is still fairly firm and running faster.

4:28pm: Given what is at stake, there is no shortage of emotion from the skiers as they launch at the start of their runs. Some yell, others are quiet. A reflection of their determination to succeed.

4:25pm: Segers of France is making his way down the hill, leaving seven competitors to continue this speed event, which will be followed a technical event to showcase their overall skills.

4:22pm: In case anyone is wondering, the Super Combined sitting event will follow. Kiwi Aaron Ewen is in that competition. Meanwhile the skiers in the standing Super G are still coming down the mountain. Adam Hall is placed around 13th.

4:20pm: There are about 12 skiers yet to complete the Super G leg of the event. And already there have been three DNFs, a reflection of the risks they have to take to medal.

4:18pm: This is just the first leg, with the slalom to come. Adam Hall could improve on this first effort, and is highly regarded for his ability in the slalom. Frenchman Bauchet still has the best time of 1:10.88.

Adam Hall pictured in action in the Super G on Sunday.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Adam Hall pictured in action in the Super G on Sunday.

4:16pm: New Zealander Adam Hall is currently sitting in 13th place following a time of 1:15.33.

4:14pm: Looks like the TV coverage has taken a break for the adverts, but Hall would have been satisfied with his Super G run ahead of the slalom. Now we have got reception back, looking to see how the other skiers fare. They are getting them through at a rapid rate.

4:08pm: Hall has finished just a tick of just over 4sec behind the best time of 1.10.88 set by the Frenchman Bauchet. Hall may be reasonably happy with that. A rough calculation here in the office suggests Hall will be placed about eighth after that run. But that is yet to be confirmed.

4:06pm: New Zealander Adam Hall is in action. Here he comes out of the gate. Good luck to him.

4:05pm: Remember the Super Combined combines a speed event with a technical event, so this is just the first leg. Hall will be in action in about two minutes time.

4:02pm: Not long now until Adam Hall, who is 15th on the list, will have his first run of the day. Broisin of France has had some ill fortune and slid off the course, but recovered. That will impact on his time.

4pm: Walsh from the United States is now followed by Gourley of Australia. About five minutes left until New Zealander Adam Hall will get his chance.

3:58pm: Bendotti of Italy – remarkably on one leg – is now making his way through the gates. The times are pretty quick in Beijing, and the ice doesn’t seem to be a factor as it was yesterday. Bauchet still holds the fastest time.

3:56pm: Pelizarri of Italy finishes up in sixth position (so far), as the Frenchman Bauchet holds the best time. Bauchet was the first to complete a run down the slalom.

3:55pm: At the moment Bauchet of France still holds the fastest time. Hall is about five minutes away from competing. Remember, of course, this is a combined event.

3:51pm: The key information for New Zealanders is that Kiwi Adam Hall is set to be 15th out of the gates.

3:50pm: A nice run by Bauchet of France to start off with a time of 1.10.88. The skiers are all go in Beijing.

3:48pm: Welcome to our coverage on the third day of the Winter Paralympics. Today New Zealand will have alpine skiers Adam Hall (standing) and Aaron Ewen (sitting) competing in their respective Super Combined events in Beijing. Both are searching for their first medal at the Games, after competing in two events at the weekend. Following the successes of Corey Peters (gold and silver) on Saturday and Sunday, New Zealand were placed 10th on the medal table at the start of day three.

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New Zealand alpine skiers Adam Hall and Aaron Ewen will today compete in their respective Super Combined events in Beijing.

This event has been brought forward by a day due to the incoming weather affecting snow conditions.


Take a look at what it takes to compete in Para Alpine Skiing at the Paralympic Games.

It will consist of a Super G run, followed by a slalom run. Super Combined, which combines a speed event with a technical event, is designed to showcase the overall skiing skills of the competitors.

Hall will compete in the standing event, and Ewen will be in the sitting event.

Corey Peters, who won gold and silver downhill and Super G events (both sitting) on Saturday and Sunday, has not entered the Super Combined.

Ewen finished ninth in the Super G (sitting) on Sunday, securing his first top-10 finish at the Paralympics. It was considered a fine achievement in his first Paralympics. On Saturday Ewen was placed 11th in the downhill.

The experienced Hall (standing) came 21st in the Super G event after coming 19th in the downhill on Saturday.

Hall won bronze in the Super Combined at the Winter Paralmpics in South Korea 2018, and its hoped he will improve on that effort in Beijing.

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