Ripoff Report | Sunny cbd cream Oil (http://sunny Review

Their product was offered as a “gift” in conjunction with another offer, for paying only shipping and handling.  Apparently, there was a fine print somewhere that said that it’s a 17-day free trial, which I did not get to pay attention to.

Nowhere in their communication did they write it anywhere prominently that it’s a 17-day free trial.

When I got charged approx $118 on the 18th day – I promptly called them back within 3 hours of it, and told them I haven’t even opened their product, it’s perfectly sealed, I am happy to return it, and I do not wish to pay $118 for it.  All they would say is “Sorry, it’s not my problem if you didn’t read the fine print”. Oh and the best was “we are like Netflix, after the free trial, you get charged”. Of course, they forget to mention that Netflix writes in big red bold letters, it’s a 30-day free trial!

Any other reputable company with sound business practices will make sure that you know it’s a free 17-day trial right up front, but not Sunny cbd cream Oil.   I wonder about the quality of the product if the business practices are so suspect!

Thank you.

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