The Dropout: Is the new Hulu miniseries based on a true story?

Oscar nominee Amanda Seyfried plays the role of Elizabeth Holmes in a dramatized true story that you can watch on Hulu and Disney Plus.

Holmes was the former CEO of Theranos, a billion-dollar health technology company. Holmes claimed her company would revolutionize the diagnosis of diseases with a radical blood test.

Most of the characters appearing in The Dropout are real people involved in the real story.

In an interview, actress Michaela Watkins said her sole as in-house lawyer Linda Tanner was the amalgamation” of Theranos’ legal team.

Linda Tanner is one of the few characters that doesn’t exist in real life. However, Watkins saw trial footage and based her character on a female figure appearing in court.

“The moment that I said, ‘Okay, yes, I think I know who Linda Tanner is’… I watched the documentary and there was one woman, I don’t even think she was a lawyer, but it just hit me about what the culture at Theranos might have been.”

“I think it was one of those things in the bullpen where everybody was celebrating the moment that the FDA approved one aspect of their testing capabilities. And they were playing Pump Up the Volume and I saw this woman just sort of dancing like she was part of the cult, like drinking the Kool-Aid. And I thought that’s who she is: she’s someone who is so excited to be on the winning team.”

The show begins in 2002 when Elizabeth Holmes began her chemical engineering degree at Stanford University, and she began devising radical inventions.

Theranos went south after Holmes appeared to knowless than expected about the revolutionary scientific process she had engineered.

The FDA never approved her tests. However, Holmes ignored the warnings of the administration and continued top-sell the products and hide the truth of their testing ability.

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