Trailer Watch: Amanda Seyfried Is Elizabeth Holmes in “The Dropout”

“This isn’t just my job. This is who I am. Anybody who doubts my company doubts me,” says Amanda Seyfried in a new trailer for “The Dropout.” The Hulu series sees the Oscar nominee taking on the role of Elizabeth Holmes, the woman at the center of one of Silicon Valley’s biggest scandals of all-time. The drama charts the youngest self-made female billionaire’s epic rise and fall, from Stanford dropout to household name.

The spot revisits what led Holmes to found Theranos. “The world works in certain ways until a new great idea comes along and changes everything,” she insists. Her great idea is to make it possible for folks to test their blood at home, and not with a vial of blood, but just a drop. Convinced that her machine will “change the world” and make healthcare “accessible to everyone in this country,” she refuses to heed warnings that technology simply hasn’t advanced enough to make her ideas a reality.

Back in January Holmes was found guilty on three counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She will be sentenced in September.

Seyfried received an Oscar nod for her supporting role in “Mank.” The “Mean Girls” actress’ other credits include “Les Misérables” and the “Mamma Mia!” franchise.

“The Dropout” launches March 3.

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