UlcerativeColitis – cbd cream oil and Ulcerative Colitis

A little background on myself:

Up until recently I thought being in “remission” meant not currently having a flair up, but I was told being in “remission” would allow me to have solid 2-3 bowel movements a day. For as long as I can remember I have been having 6-10 none solid bowel movements a day.

I have tried Apriso/Mesalamine but taking that was causing me to be very fatigued and drowsy and once I stopped taking it, I felt more energized again. This medicine did nothing for my bowel movements either. I am kind of on a trial and error basis now.. I try a medicine and if it works, great.. if not, I go on to try the next medicine.

I was wondering if anyone in this reddit has ever tried cbd cream oil for their UC? I talked to my doctor and they are open to me using this for 6 weeks after an initial lab. I know with UC everyone reacts differently to all the types of medicines that are out there available to us. I am completely drug free and I was paranoid about using cbd cream oil as I don’t want it to affect me in a bad way (similar to using marijuana ) but I read that it’s only the THC in marijuana that does that to you.

Has anyone been able to remain in remission using cbd cream oil? What are some of the bad effects it had on you? What about the good effects?

Let me know your guys experiences with cbd cream oil.

Thank you in advance!

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